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Giving is about our JOY in God

We give because we have been given so much!

We give because we are so thankful to God!

We give because we want to see His kingdom come!

We give to care for our brothers and sisters in this family in which God has placed us!

We give because we will serve our Master and not let our money master us!

Giving at St Andrews

We give in our lives in many ways, but money is an important way. Not because money is important, but because it points to what is important in our lives.

While we welcome any generosity we want it come from the right heart and without any compulsion from us. God is our Provider and knows our needs.

If you would like to support Jesus' family at St Andrews and our mission in this community then you can do so by giving in person in our services or online.

Our account number is:


Reference = your name


Thank you for your generosity.

It is an encouragement to us and we pray that through it God's kingdom will come!

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