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Children's Ministries



We believe that God has given

parents and whanau the key role

of discipling their children in the

Christian faith, but as the church,

we are all responsible!

Part of the way we fulfil this

responsibility at St Andrews is that

we run children’s programs on Sunday mornings. This is a time where these

young children can learn about Jesus and His incredible love for them as they experience what His family, the church, is like.

 Kids Rock is run by parents and other church members, all of which are vetted. This time together often involves crafts, a bible story and playing together. 

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                Kids Rock is St Andrews Sunday                     school program for children aged                    4-12. It is run throughout the                           school term with the aim of                             introducing our older children to                  Jesus and discipling them in their                 faith. This program aims to support               parents and whanau in their God               given duty.

    We focus on introducing Jesus, introducing the bible, experiencing what God’s church is, having fun together and a whole lot more.

Key details:

  • Kids Rock Junior 4-7

  •  Kids Rock Senior 8-12

  • During the school term

  • Involves parents

  • Supports parents and whanau


The children join us for the start of the service so that they are familiar with church and feel a part of it. After some singing and a kids talk, they go to this program in the church hall. If you are interested please contact the church or join the children for the kids talk and come out to the church hall and see what it is like.

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What we did in 2023;


The Biggest Story

The biggest story.jpeg

The Biggest Story leads readers on an exciting journey through the Bible, from the garden of Eden to the return of Christ. This fun curriculum based on the book draws kids into Scripture and helps them grasp its overarching message of redemption.

The Christmas Story

Books of the Bible

Throughout advent, the children worked really hard on learning the Christmas story and creating a play which they performed at the kids service on the 17th (check out the youtube link for that one!)

They also learnt a bunch of carols to lead the congregation and interspersed them throughout the nativity story.

2023 Term 2 & 3 saw the kids learning the books of the bible.

Each week they learnt a section and would receive a sticker to proudly display on the board to show their progress. They all did a phenomenal job and a few stood up during the kids talk and recited all of them in order! Great job!

Stacking Wood 

During 2022 through Term 1 of 2023, we journeyed through the New City Catechism. This resource was comprised of 52 questions and answers that are foundational to faith. Each week, we focused on one question. The hope and prayer is that through studying each question and answer, a piece of wood would be stacked in the fire of our kid’s faith. Please join us in inviting the Holy Spirit to ignite these pieces of wood. Just like a large fire burns stronger than a smaller one, we want to build a big fire in each of our kids, one piece of wood at a time.   

Mark your calendars

  • Term 2 Key focus -The Biggest Story


Resources we use:

The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

People of the bible.jpeg

New City Catechism

Kids book

The Beginners Bible

People of the Bible

NCC kids book.jpg

Join the conversation:


Please ask one of the Little Sparks or Kids Rock leaders to invite you to our FB chat groups. It is how we communicate each week and get any news out!

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