Children's Ministries

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Little Sparks

We believe that God has given parents and whanau the key role of discipling their children in the Christian faith, but as the church, we are all responsible!

Part of the way we fulfil this responsibility at St Andrews is that we run children’s programs on Sunday mornings. The first of these is Little Sparks, which focuses on children aged 3-4. Younger children are welcome to join in with a parent or care-giver. This is a time where these young children can learn about Jesus and His incredible love for them as they experience what His family, the church, is like.

Both Little Sparks and Kids Rock are run by parents and other church members, all of which are vetted. This time together often involves crafts, a bible story, playing together and morning tea. All of our children join us for the start of the church service so that they experience the unity and inclusion of God’s people. After some singing and a kids talk they head out for their time together in the church hall. Please follow along if you are interested in checking them out and make yourself known.

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Kids Rock

Kids Rock is St Andrews Sunday school program for children aged 5-12. Like Little Sparks, it is runs throughout the school term with the aim of introducing our older children to Jesus and discipling them in their faith. This program aims to support parents and whanau in their God given duty,

We focus on introducing Jesus. Introducing the bible. Experiencing what God’s church is. Having fun together and a whole lot more.

Key details:

  • Ages 5-12

  • During the school term

  • Involves parents

  • Supports parents and whanau


Like Little Sparks, the children join us for the start of the service so that they are familiar with church and feel part of it. After some singing and a children’s talk, they go to this program in the church hall. If you are interested please contact the church or join the children for the children’s talk and come out to the church hall and see what it is like.

Term 3 outline

Mark your calendars

  • 25th July - Little Sparks & Kids Rock teacher and helper meeting after the service.

  • 1st August - Little Sparks and Kids Rock start!

  • 1st August - Little Sparks and Kids Rock community picnic lunch. 

Resources we use:

The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

Join the conversation:


Please ask one of the Little Sparks or Kids Rock leaders to invite you to our FB chat groups. It is how we communicate each week and get any news out!

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