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Welcome to

St Andrews CHB

A little part of God's big family

We are an unusual family.

We come from many different places and tribes. We have different stories. Some of us speak different languages, but all of us share someone in common. Despite our differences we have a unity in Jesus that we belong to God's family!

Since 1865 St Andrews has existed in Waipukurau to glorify God and to make His glory known. 

We continue this mission today. 


March 2024

STORY; When our story
Connects with Gods


Summer Services

'When our story connects with Gods story.'

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Stay tuned for 2024 dates


We have lots of groups going on each week. They are how we care for one another and grow. Please check out the foyer display or ask about what group are available.
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Please join the Little Spark and Kids Rock groups to know what is going on. It is how we communicate each week and get the news out there!

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