Welcome to

St Andrews


A little part of God's big family

We are an unusual family.

We come from many different places and tribes. We have different stories. Some of us speak different languages, but all of us share someone in common. Despite our differences we have a unity in Jesus that we belong to God's family!

Since 1865 St Andrews has existed in Waipukurau to glorify God and to make His glory known. 

We continue this mission today. 




Here are just a few highlights of what is coming up at St Andrews this term. 

We gather every Sunday at 9:30am, which includes children's programs throughout the school term.  

Follow our blog for the latest news.

Alpha - term 3

Got questions about faith and the meaning of it all?
Alpha is a great place to ask them and to work them out. Starting term 3!


This term we will be looking at some of the big questions that people throw our way. Question like:
- What about suffering?
- Is the bible trustworthy?
- Is Christianity good?

And more! Don't miss it

Kids Rock & Little Sparks lunch - 3rd July

Bring a picnic lunch for after church!
This will be a chance to catch up on any missing catechism pages from the term and to have fun!
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